About “nodot”

“nodot” is the web design firm by Kotaro Kokubo as web designer and front-end architect.


  1. Design front-end architecture for middle to large website.
  2. Design and develop web user interface with using modern technology such as HTML5 and AJAX.
  3. Talk at conference, write article and consulting about web design, front-end technology and web trends.
  4. Make whole website from planning, design, to development just for small project.

Currently stop providing service as freelance designer.


Ask for details.


My first computer experience was playing with programming on MSX at age 12 in 1989. When I studied abroad at WWU, I met the internet there. After came back to Japan, started making websites from 1998, and have worked on CSS based development since 2000.

March 2002, Joined Business Architects, Inc. Worked on many projects for Japanese big clients as markup design engineer. Particularly on large project, took a role as a front-end architect.

May 2009, Joined Information Architects, Inc. as an interface designer. Worked on the projects of clients in Europ and our own project Web Trend Map as well.

April 2010, Started own independent firm “nodot”.

March 2011 to present, Work at Google as webmaster.

See more detailed resume.


nameKotaro Kokubo
titleWeb Designer / Front-end Architect
accounts“kotarok” on Google / “kotarok” on Twitter / Skype